Press releases

1 June 2021

Orthopedic shoes summer-autumn 2021

The company "Ecoten" held a photo session of orthopedic shoes for the summer-autumn 2021 season.

Original textures: smooth soft leather and embossed leather.

Bright colors, designer prints.

Femininity and elegance.

Comfort, convenience and style.


Shoe photo download link:

20 December 2019

Production of compression hosiery LUOMMA IDEALISTA. Phlebologist Anastasia Kurcheva.

Phlebologist Anastasia Kurcheva talks about the production of compression hosiery LUOMMA IDEALISTA.

30 October 2019

Compression sleeve: how to put it on correctly using the device.

How to wear a sleeve with the help of a device.
Where to buy IDEALISTA compression hosiery (see link):

30 October 2019

Compression knitwear: how to take measurements correctly.

How to take measurements for the selection of compression knitwear.
Where to buy IDEALISTA compression hosiery (see link):

21 October 2019

The importance of compression therapy for the prevention and treatment of venous diseases.

Opinion CIN Associate Professor, Department of Faculty Surgery, St. Petersburg State Medical University named after Ak. I.P. Pavlova - Bogomolova M.S. the importance of compression therapy in the treatment and prevention of venous disease.