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Orthopedic home shoes LM-803.024
Orthopedic home shoes LM-803.024

Orthopedic home shoes LM-803.024

  • Color: Old
  • structure: mixed fabric
  • removable orthopedic insole
  • support of the longitudinal and transverse arch of the foot
  • non-slip flexible sole
  • air- and moisture-permeable material
  • Sizes: XXS (35-36), XS (37-38), S (39-40), M (41-42), L (43-44), XL (45-46)
  • reliable fixation on the foot due to the deep detail of the top
  • support of the natural arch of the foot
  • prevention of flat feet
  • overweight
  • pregnancy
  • tired legs syndrome
  • have a warming effect
  • relieve pain in joints and leg muscles
  • non-healing wet wounds or foot ulcers
  • intense pain associated with inflammation of the thumb joint, requiring temporary refusal to wear shoes
  • diabetic foot syndrome

Contraindications can be changed depending on the specifics of a particular case. In such a situation, a doctor's consultation is required

  • the upper of the slippers and the covering of the insole are fur
  • sole ? 100% polyurethane

Warranty period - 6 months from the date of sale (subject to care recommendations)

  • in rooms with a temperature from 10 ° to 25 ° C and a relative humidity of no more than 75%
  • away from sources of heat, dust and direct sunlight

dry brushing