Durable waterproof and breathable material with optimum compression properties. Hypoallergenic

Used cotton fabric in the areas adjacent to the body

Products comply with the requirements of the international standard EN ISO 13485: 2016

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Products comply with the essential requirements of directives and European Union standards.

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Бандаж на локтевой сустав эластичный ES-E02


  • designed for moderate fixation of the elbow joint
  • special knitting technology of various parts of the product ensures comfortable wearing
  • embossed silicone inserts massage the elbow joint
  • compression properties of the product reduce pain and tendon tension
  • air and moisture permeable material
  • stylish design

Indications for use:

  • epicondylitis: lateral and medial (tennis elbow)
  • chronic post-traumatic or postoperative periarthritis
  • swelling of the elbow joint with arthritis or arthrosis - synovitis
  • elbow dislocation
  • arthrosis of the elbow joint

How to choose the size of the product

Vendor code: ES-E02
размеры S M L XL XXL
22-25 25-28 28-31 31-34 34-37

Product Care:

ручная стирка при t 30°С,стирать только с застегнутыми контактными липучками,не тереть и не выжимать изделие,сушить в расправленном виде вдали от нагревательных приборов,не гладить,не использовать растворители,отбеливатели и химическую чистку.


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