Products comply with the requirements of the international standard EN ISO 13485: 2016

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Бандаж на коленный сустав эластичный KS-E09


  • highly elastic breathable fabric
  • silicone ring for patella stabilization
  • special technology of seamless knitting evenly distributes pressure
  • does not hinder the movement of the joint in the physiological volume, does not slip, does not deform, retains its shape during operation
  • brown color

Indications for use:

  • minor injuries (bruises / sprains) of the ligaments of the knee joint
  • chronic, postoperative and post-traumatic inflammation of the tendons
  • prevention of dislocation of the patella with increased loads on the knee joint
  • bursitis
  • arthrosis of the knee
  • arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • injury prevention during sports
  • consult a specialist before use


  • no absolute contraindications have been identified
  • relative contraindications, require a doctor's consultation:


  • the need for individual orthotics of the joint
  • malignant neoplasms in the area of ​​bandage use
  • the presence in the area of ​​application of the bandage of contact dermatitis, trophic ulcers and bedsores
  • an allergic reaction to the materials from which the product is made
  • thrombophlebitis of veins in the area of ​​application of the bandage
  • gonarthrosis with valgus or varus deformity of the lower extremities
  • disorders of blood supply and venous outflow in the lower extremities
  • it is not recommended to put on an orthosis after applying a warming cream or ointment to the skin

How to choose the size of the product

Vendor code: KS-E09
(сm)* 30-36 36-41 41-46 46-51 51-56 56-61

Instructions for use:

  • the duration of daily use are determined by the doctor

Product Care:

hand wash at t 30°C, do not rub or wring the product, dry flat away from heat, do not iron, do not use solvents, bleaches and dry cleaning


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