LM ORTHOPEDIC Simple orthopedic shoes for women LM-708.048


  • Color: Nickel
  • Increased fullness
  • Increased height and volume in the toe
  • Deep opening to facilitate donning with swelling of the feet
  • The completeness is adjustable with lacing and an additional insole.
  • Zipper allows you to not lace up your shoes with every don.
  • Women's orthopedic footwear LM Orthopedic is designed for increased comfort and health of the legs while walking on the street in the warm season and off-season at a temperature of at least + 5C. The special design of all nodes (shoe upper, special sole, removable orthopedic insole) is aimed at reducing pain in the bone of the thumb, with hammer-like deformation of the fingers, reducing pressure on the foot and swelling, increasing balance, stability when walking and absorbing shock heel and knee joints. Guaranteed comfort you will feel from the first step.
  • LM Orthopedic shoes are a medical device. The number and date of the Registration Certificate are indicated on the packaging. This makes it possible, when appointing a doctor, to wear orthopedic shoes to receive compensation for it in the bodies of the FSS. It is released without a prescription.

Indications for use:

  • Pain in the legs when walking
  • Support and formation of the natural arch of the feet, prevention of flat feet
  • Flat feet longitudinal, transverse, combined 1, 2 degrees
  • Tired leg syndrome
  • Overweight
  • Pregnancy
  • Hallux valgus
  • Hammer toe
  • Varicose veins, prevention of venous diseases and swelling of the legs
  • Pain in the knee, hip and spine
  • Protection from corns, corns and heel spurs
  • Leg load over 2 hours per day


  • Non-healing, wet wounds or foot ulcers
  • Intense pain associated with inflammation of the joint of the thumb, requiring a temporary refusal to wear shoes
  • Diabetic foot syndrome

Contraindications may be changed depending on the particular case. In such a situation, a doctor’s consultation is required.

How to choose the size of the product

Vendor code: LM-708.048
Shoe size 36 37 38 39 40
Insole length (сm) 24 24,5 25 25,7 26,8
Heel height (mm) 25
Fullness of shoes К (9) М (10)

Instructions for use:

  • When choosing shoes, choose it correctly in size and girth, taking into account the individual characteristics of the foot. Shoes should not cause you discomfort, the foot should not be squeezed. In the event of a size mismatch, deformation of the shoe, divergence of seams, tearing of the material is possible. When putting on, unfasten or untie all the clasps and adjust them to your foot.
  • When using, consider the purpose of the shoe and seasonality. This shoe is not intended to be worn in wet, rainy weather, because it is not waterproof. Changing the color of the top material when water gets in is not a defect.
  • With excessive sweating of the legs, it is undesirable to use the same pair of shoes daily. It is necessary to allow the shoes to dry and take their original shape. Keep in mind that when wet changing of colour of the insoles or lining is possible. This is not a defect.
  • After each wear, shoes should be cleaned of dust and dirt with a soft damp cloth, sponge or brush using special shoe cosmetics (creams, sprays, soaks, etc.)
  • It is forbidden to wash shoes in water and rub heavily, because materials can lose their original appearance. Drying wet shoes is carried out at room temperature.
  • Do not dry your shoes on heating surfaces, near a fire, or on a battery. With proper shoe care, it will last you a long time!

Product Care:

Care with special products designed for the materials from which the shoes are made (brushes, sponges, detergents, impregnations)


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