Hip brace КУ-120


  • along the axis of the thigh are spring stiffeners
  • the bandage can be both right and left, for the right and left legs, respectively
  • recommended for height from 160 cm
  • the bandage provides support, relieves the load on the muscles of the hip joint, reliably protects it, helps to reduce
  • edema due to mild compression.

Indications for use:

  • various injuries, dislocations, bruises and instability of the hip joint
  • degenerative degenerative
  • changes in the hip joint
  • damage to the musculo-ligamentous apparatus, including during sports injury
  • fixation and rehabilitation after various operations on the hip joint


  • dermatitis and pustular
  • skin lesions with localization in the field of application of the bandage
  • deformations (including fixed ones) requiring operational correction
  • malignant neoplasms with severe pain
  • individual intolerance of bandage materials

How to choose the size of the product

Vendor code: КУ-120




pelvic girth
(measured 5 cm below the belly button)



Instructions for use:

  • Position the main upper part of the brace on the belt so that the stiffeners are located along the axis of the thigh.
  • Fix it with the "crocodile" Velcro fastener
  • Wrap the lower part of the brace around the thigh, trying to avoid excessive compression of the soft tissues and secure it with the help of a fixing element
  • Using two "crocodile" fasteners to fix the outer edge of the femoral element of the bandage
  • Place an elastic waistband on the side of the thigh
  • Wrap a hip belt and fasten it with a Velcro fastener

Product Care:

ручная стирка при t 30°С, стирать только с застегнутыми контактными липучками, не тереть и не выжимать изделие, сушить в расправленном виде вдали от нагревательных приборов, не гладить, не использовать растворители, отбеливатели и химическую чистку


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