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Universal Orthopedic Pillow LUMF-530


  • size 58х39х12cm
  • hypoallergenic
  • has a flat, smooth surface, as well as a classic shape, without rollers and indentations
  • the shape and dimensions of the pillow are universal and do not require long-term addiction
  • “Memory Foam” effect. The pillow follows the contours of the body, gently supports, does not exert back pressure
  • after removing the load from the pillow within a few seconds restores its original shape
  • it is selected depending on body weight, neck height, shoulder width and individual characteristics
  • consult with a specialist before use


  • allergic to materials
  • inflammatory skin diseases

Universal pillow made of modern hypoallergenic material “Memory Foam”. Under the influence of heat, it adapts to the bends of the body, carefully supports them, creating the effect of weightlessness.
With maximum comfort, the pillow relieves stress, improves sleep, regardless of the sleeping position.

Product Care:

  • filler: dry cleaning recommended
  • pillowcase: recommended machine or hand wash at temperatures not higher than 40 º, without using bleach


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