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Бандаж - стоподержатель AS-SD


  • modeling of the upper part of the orthosis (the zone of its contact with the posterior surface of the lower leg) by the thermoplastic method - for this it is necessary to remove all Velcro fasteners and the sleeve, heat the orthosis with hot air (max t - 90˚) and give it the necessary shape.
  • installation of an anti-slip element - clean the place of adhesion in the heel and / or forefoot, give it granularity using fine-grained sanding paper, remove the protective layer from the rubber element (included in the kit) and stick it.
  • fitting the size of the foot - mark the length of the foot on the plantar of the orthosis, trim with scissors.


  • effective fixation and holding the foot in anatomically correct position
  • passive restraint
  • plantar flexion of the foot while walking
  • maintaining the foot and toes in the transfer phase
  • restoration of the natural pattern of walking
  • color: gray

Indications for use:

  • sagging foot syndrome (after strokes, neuritis, spinal cord injuries, spinal cord tumors, cerebral palsy, etc.). It can be used as a night tire.
  • chronic instability of the ligamentous apparatus of the ankle joint in the presence of contraindications for surgical treatment.
  • conservative treatment of ruptures and sprains of the ankle joint.
  • rehabilitation after surgical interventions in the ankle joint (ligament reconstruction, arthroplasty, etc.).


  • individual intolerance to materials
  • impaired lymphatic drainage.
  • condition after deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities.
  • violation of sensitivity and blood circulation in the field of application of the orthosis.
  • flexion / extensor ankle contractures (i.e. towards the sole of the foot).
  • dermatitis and pustular skin lesions with localization in the area of application of the orthosis

How to choose the size of the product

Vendor code: AS-SD
Size M L

Shoe size

36-39 39-42

Instructions for use:

  • the duration of daily use are determined by the doctor

Product Care:

  • care should be taken with the orthosis, regularly check it for functionality and the possibility of use
  • store the product at room temperature in a dry place, away from heat, direct sunlight and dust.
  • perform wet orthosis treatment regularly
  • wash belts and soft elements manually at t 30˚ using neutral soap
  • dry in air, without wringing, away from heating appliances and direct sunlight
  • do not use drum drying
  • do not iron
  • do not use solvents, bleaches, or dry cleaners


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