Products comply with the requirements of the international standard EN ISO 13485: 2016

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Products comply with the essential requirements of directives and European Union standards.

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Compression sleeve ID-401W


  • compression classes: class 1 (18-21 mm Hg), class 2 (22-32 mm Hg)
  • the line has the products for broad shoulder labeled W


  •  restores the flow of lymph from the tissues of the hand, relieves swelling, quickly brings relief and improves the quality of life
  • optimal distributed pressure, maximum in the wrist area, gradually decreasing towards the upper third of the shoulder
  • compression is precisely calculated and metered
  • effective fixation on the shoulder, does not roll down and does not overtighten
  • made from modern, safe materials, providing active air and moisture exchange
  • compression sleeves made of modern materials, has a porous structure and makes the product comfortable
  • no seams prevent skin injury
  • color: caramel

Indications for use:

  • primary lymphedema (congenital anomalies of the lymphatic system, Milroy disease, adolescent lymphedemia, etc.)
  • secondary lymphedema: conditions after mastectomy and radiation therapy, in case of damage to the lymphatic vessels due to injuries, damage to the lymphatic vessels due to operations and deep burns, the use of plaster casts, tennis elbow syndrome and other diseases
  • thrombosis and thrombophlebitis of the veins of the shoulder and forearm (including post-injection complications)
  • consult a specialist before use


  • blue painful phlebitis
  • skin rashes (dermatitis)
  • diabetic polyneuropathy
  • chronic polyarthritis


  • individual intolerance to material compression products

How to choose the size of the product

Vendor code: ID-401W
product size XS(I) S(II) M(III) L(IV) XL(V) XXL(VI) XXXL(VII)

circumference of the palm at the level of the bases of the little finger and index finger (A)

15-18 17-20 19-22 21-23 22-25 24-27 25-28

wrist level (C)

14,5-16 16-17 17-18 18-20 20-22 22-24 24-26

elbow circumference (E)

22-24 24-26 26-28 28-30 30-33 33-36 36-39

shoulder circumference 3 cm below the axilla (G)

24,5-28 28-31 31-34 34-37 37-40 40-43 43-46

shoulder circumference 3 cm below the armpit (broad shoulder) (GW)

27,5-31 31-34 34-37 37-40 40-43 43-46 46-49

sleeve length (CG)


Instructions for use:

How to put on a medical compression sleeve

By hands:

  • Turn the sleeve inside out to the middle of the product.
  • Put on the narrow part of the sleeve on the wrist, then, gently straightening, put it on the forearm;
  • Holding the problem arm for support, gradually put the sleeve on the shoulder with the other hand. Make sure that the product is evenly distributed on the arm and does not constrain its flexion in the elbow;
  • If you put the sleeve and glove together, make sure that the elastic band in the wrist area overlaps the sleeve elastic.



How to take off the product:

Take the top of the product by hand, unfold the elastic and grab on. Gently pull the product, turning it inside out.

With the help of the butler:

Place the butler on the table so that the arc is directed towards you; Put the product on the butler, gradually turning it inside out to the level corresponding to the wrist; Slide your hand into the hole formed, so that the narrow part of the product “fits” the wrist With your free hand, pull the butler up - the sleeve will be easily put on your forearm and shoulder. Lower the butler and gently straighten the product on the arm. The gum should be located 5-7 cm below the axilla.

Product Care:

  • daily delicate washing with soft detergents at t ≤ 30 ℃. Dry away from heaters and direct sunlight


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