Durable waterproof and breathable material with optimum compression properties. Hypoallergenic

Used cotton fabric in the areas adjacent to the body

Products comply with the requirements of the international standard EN ISO 13485: 2016

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Modular functional corrective corset. Komolkin's corset TOM-1042


The corset was developed jointly with the staff of the clinic for pediatric surgery and orthopedics of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology of the Ministry of Health of Russia. The clinic is engaged in the surgical treatment of pathology of the spine, chest, infectious lesions of the skeleton.


  • corset is made of elastic material, ergonomic shoulder straps make it easy to put on the product like a backpack
  • inextensible adjustable in length straps with soft overlays in the shoulder girdle, adjustable straps in the hips, under the chest, Velcro fasteners securely fix the corset and prevent it from shifting in all directions
  • the carcass function is provided by interchangeable metal stiffeners: a wide simulated tire and two narrow ribs. This allows the spine to be stabilized in an optimal correction position.

Because of this feature, the degree of rigidity of the corset can be changed taking into account the structural changes in the spine and optimized at all stages of rehabilitation.

  • lightweight design allows unrestricted arm and shoulder movement
  • the front panel fits snugly against the abdominal wall and flexes easily when tilted without causing discomfort
  • a properly fitted corset gives a sense of stability and balance, thereby reducing the likelihood of falling
  • it is lightweight, durable, all textile parts of the corset are removable, easy to clean

Indications for use:

  • impaired posture in the sagittal plane
  • deformities of the spine in the thoracic and lumbar regions (kyphosis, lordosis).
  • juvenile osteochondropathy of the spine with pain syndrome (for example, Scheuermann-Mau disease)
  • pain syndrome in osteochondrosis and other degenerative diseases of the thoracic spine
  • rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries in the area of the thoracic spine
  • pathological fractures in the thoracic and / or lumbosacral spine during the recovery period


  • individual allergy to materials

How to choose the size of the product

Vendor code: TOM-1042
size 1 2 3 4 5

back measurement (сm)

28 - 31 32 - 35 36 - 40 41 - 44 45 - 49

Instructions for use:

  • You should put the corrector simulator on your underwear
  • The metal splint is individually modeled taking into account the curves of the spine


  • In order to prevent muscle overload in the first days of use, the corset should be worn no more than 15-20 minutes
  • Over the next two to three weeks, the duration of wearing the corset is recommended to gradually increase to 4-6 hours a day

Instructions for putting on orthopedic corset Tom-1042:

  • Model the metal plate for all the curves of the spine.
  • The modeling should start from the side of the lumbar spine. Important!!!! To ensure the necessary posture correction, be sure to leave a space of one finger between the top edge of the splint and the patient's straight back.
  • Insert the simulated splint into the cover with shoulder straps.
  • Wear the corset like a backpack.
  • Cross the shoulder straps on the back.
  • Slide the shoulder straps under your chest.
  • Cut off excess belts.
  • Attach the Y-shaped Velcro to the end of the shortened strap.
  • Tie the straps together under the bust.
  • Model the ribs before putting on the belt.
  • Apply a belt with ribs to the sacral area.
  • Fasten the abdominal belt. Adjust the straps on each side, cutting off excess pieces. Important!!! When adjusting the waist belts, ask the patient to hold the abdominal area of ​​the belt at the pubic bone level.
  • Attach the Y-shaped Velcro straps to all four straps.
  • Check the correctness of putting on the corrector simulator.

Product Care:

ручная стирка при t 30°С, стирать только с застегнутыми контактными липучками, не тереть и не выжимать изделие, сушить в расправленном виде вдали от нагревательных приборов, не гладить, не использовать растворители, отбеливатели и химическую чистку


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